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I am Genevieve. The purpose of my life is to share methods for achieving well-being and spiritual wellness, to those who wish to accept. As a little girl I was inexplicably drawn to shows, stories and books of the paranormal. They would fascinate me and scare me at the same time. As I approached teenage years, I experienced unexplainable occurrences in the house I grew up in such as footsteps in the attic, hearing my name called and recurring dreams of a garden that could be described as paradise. I never understood these things back then, and my life was status quo from teens through my mid thirties when a friend introduced me to tarot.

I was drawn to getting readings and soon bought my first deck and began doing readings for myself and friends. It felt like coming home. During this same time I was introduced to meditation and began a personal meditation practice. Meditation helped calm, center and quiet my mind through stressful periods in my life. When my mind was quiet I noticed images being presented to myself – first symbols, then pictures. Over time the images became clips or movie trailers which gave me guidance and insight about different aspects of my life and of also of my friends. Meditation opened up my clairvoyance and clairsentience and strengthened my connection to Spirit, my guides and angels.

I have been a meditation practitioner as well as guided meditation facilitator for over 18 years. Through my heightened sense of intuition and ability to be sympathetic, I have helped guide others to center and quiet their minds, connect to Spirit, heal, release unhealthy attachments and addictions, hear their inner voice and Divine Guidance.

I am a psychic medium, spirit release healer, Reiki Master/Spiritually Guided Healer, yoga instructor, empowerment coach and clinical hypnotist.  I employ the concept of synergy combining various methods of healing such as meditation, visualization, past life regression, hypnosis, intuitive life coaching, yoga, energy healing and psychic-mediumship impressions to help others facilitate and maintain their own emotional, spiritual, mental and physical healing and well being.


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