meditation A quiet & centered being is much more easily able to receive Divine guidance and inspiration, heal from and handle challenges, release unhealthy attachments and manifest desires. Meditation is a practice by which you are able to quiet, center and relax a busy mind by employing techniques such as visualization, mindful breathing, mantra and single point of focus. Meditation can also help you to open up to receive information from your High Power and guides, connect to your Higher Self, receive information about your life’s purpose and explore events from prior lifetimes that may be affecting your present incarnation.

This meditation will focus on healing on multiple energy levels and soul retrieval. Soul Retrieval is the recovery of parts of a person that may have been left or lost elsewhere or where stolen or borrowed by someone else. A person is essentially whole, if a part splits off or feels lost it is usual as the result of a traumatic incident. Sometimes terms such as “lost my confidence” “stole my heart” “lost my innocence” are indicators of pieces of the soul being absent, the good news is they can be recovered and integrated into the newly healed spirit. In this meditation we will go on a journey to retrieve those lost pieces of self and in doing so feel more whole and present.

Price: $20
Time: 7pm – 8pm
Date: Tuesday, August 5, 2014
Place: Ride & Reflect
11 Olcott Sq.
Bernardsville, NJ