“Each of us has been given a spiritual bodyguard.  Our protectors have been entrusted with our safekeeping as we walk our path through this physical incarnation, and most of us truly give them a run for their money as they attempt to keep up with our many adventures. Most protectors have lived a physical life at one time or another in history and many protectors come from indigenous cultures that were close to their land and its defense. Often protectors are skilled warriors and they continue to emanate these protective energies as they do their jobs in the spirit world.” – So You Want to be a Medium

This medititation is written with the developing psychic/medium in mind but is great for anyone interested in becoming familiar with the energy of their Protector Guide.

Price: $15

Date:  Satureday, August 4th

Time: 10am-11am

Place: MontClair Metaphysical & Healing Center

22 Union Ave

Rutherford, NJ