past lifeA quiet  and centered being is much more easily able to receive Divine guidance and inspiration, heal from and handle challenges, releases unhealthy attachements and manifest desires.  Meditaiton is a practice by which you are able to quiet, center and relax a busy mind by employing techniques such as visualization, mindful breathing, mantra and single pointo  focus.  Meditation can also help you to open up to recive information from your Higher Power and guides, connect to your Higher Self, receive information about your life’s purpose and explore events from prior lifetimes that may be affecting your present incarnation.

Are you at a crossroads and wondering what is next in your life or what direction to take in your career, spiritual or personal life? This guided meditation will help you to distinquish from your options which is right for you at this time.  With the help of your spirit guides you will discover the traits you need to develop to help you on your new path(s). 

Date:  Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Time: 7-8pm
Place: Ride and Reflect
11 Olcott Sq.
Bridgwater, NJ