gatekeeperThe Gatekeeper Guide is in charge of organizing the people on the Other Side who wish to come through to speak to you. They work very closely with the medium in their message work and may become our main message guide. They will be the one to bring the most messages to you either for yourself or to relay to other people. It is advisable to get to know this guide very well because you will be working very closely together. – So You Want to be a Medium

This meditation is written with developing mediums, especially those interested in working publically, in mind. You will be establishing a consistent place for your guide to stand, identifying signals and how they will help you identify what other spirits are coming in when you begin to communicate with others besides your own.

Date: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time: 7 – 8pm

Place: Ride and Reflect

11 Olcott Sq

Bernardsville, NJ