Center with Reiki Healing Attunement – February 3rd at 9am, $25

Center, being at peace in the seat of your soul. Here is where you hear your inner wisdom unfettered by social norms. Here is where you tap into Divine guidance and your Higher self. Here is where you discover the deepest truth within yourself. When you are centered you are not easily manipulated. A mind that is centered and peaceful has a spontaneous uprising of joy and compassion. When you are centered you will not react to adversity with fear or panic. Inner wisdom is your guide. Prior to attending this meditation please give some thought to one or two issues you would like to delve into more deeply.

This meditation will be preceded by a Reiki Healing Attunement.  A Reiki Healing Attunement is give for healing purposes only.  This attunement brings high frequency healing energies which are more powerful than those given at a regular Reiki treatment.  The attunement creates the opportunity for the clients guides to work with them in a more powerful manner.  The attunement is highly effective in removing negative energies from the physical body, aura, chakras and works to release any blocks the recipient chooses.  The Healing Attunement may also be used to empower goals, receive insight and guidance regarding the goal.

Note:  This attunement does not initiate the recipient into Reiki

Price: $25

Date: Sunday, February 3rd

Time: 9am-10:30am

Place: MontClair Metaphysical & Healing Center

22 Union Ave

Rutherford, NJ