A quiet & centered being is much more easily able to receive Divine guidance and inspiration, heal from and handle challenges, release unhealthy attachments and manifest desires. Meditation is a practice by which you are able to quiet, center and relax a busy mind by employing techniques such as visualization, mindful breathing, mantra and single point of focus. Meditation can also help you to open up to receive information from your High Power and guides, connect to your Higher Self, receive information about your life’s purpose and explore events from prior lifetimes that may be affecting your present incarnation.

Angel, messenger, ministering spirit.  They are vast in number; all created at the same time after heaven but before earth and do not die as humans do.  Angels do not have to be visible but when they appear to us they may present themselves in many ways including: as men, beings with unusual characteristics, beings of radiant light.  They are stronger than humans but not omnipotent, have more knowledge than humans but not omniscient and are more noble but not omnipresent.  Angels help us with many things such as revealing messages, guidance, providing for physical needs, protection from danger, deliverance from danger, strength and encouragement, used by God to answer prayers, caring for those at the moment of death.  Angels are not pushy, however,  they only intervene and help us when we ask them for help.  In this guided meditation you will meet the loving and compassionate angels that are around you to help you with certain situations, life events, protection, etc.  You will be able to ask them for help, guidance, and/or their intervention.

Meditation facilitated by Genevieve (Gen) Hall, Reiki Master, spiritually guided healer, psychic-medium, meditation teacher and meditation practitioner. Gen has been a meditation practioner for several years. Through her heightened sense of intuition and Psychic abilities she has guided others to help center and quiet their minds, heal, release unhealthy attachments and hear their inner voice, guides and Divine Guidance

Price: $10

Date: Saturday, January 11th

Time: 11am

Place: Genevieve’s Spiritual Healing

27G Reading Rd

Edison, NJ