Now-LaterYou know the question motivational experts, psychologists, life coaches ask to get you to evaluate your life and begin to take action…If you knew you were going to die tomorrow or next week or in a year what would you do?

 Fortunately that hasn’t happened to me, however, I recently learned of the second former co-worker to life transition at what I consider a young age. Sometimes things don’t have to happen to you or someone in your immediate circle to be a wakeup call to evaluate your life.

 I would like to take this opportunity while the energy is intense to ask myself and those of you reading this a few questions:

 Are you satisfied with your life and what you have accomplished to this point?

  • Would you like for things to be better than they are?
  • Do you believe you deserve better, to be happier than you are now?
  • Do you believe you can have the life you envision?
  • Are you in the company of progressive, expanding, motivating and energizing people who are living their dreams?
  • Do you wake up excited about your life?
  • Are you making a positive impact?
  • Are you relevant? Meaning, have you helped improve or helped change the life of one person for the better?

 Finally consider this:

If you knew for certain that in 6 months whatever dream or desire you started working on would flourish exponentially, what would you do? What are you waiting for?

 It is time to Live Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.

 One Love,