ple sunsetEveryone has in them a Light. Everyone has something in them that they are really great at. Sometimes we forget this due to being in the wrong situation, relationships, job, around the wrong people, misguided loyalty. Not only do we hear but we absorb the negative feedback, digs, backhanded compliments, etc to the point of it being ingrained in our psyche but then we begin to use our own internal dialogue to diminish our light.

Shine your Light! Remember the Light that is within you. Remember the thing(s) you shine at doing. The thing(s) that made you feel fantastic and sharing that thing with others made them feel awesome also. Remember that thing(s) that you do that made a difference in at least one other person’s life. And because you were radiant in that moment something in you shifted and you knew this could benefit others and make a difference.

Somewhere or at sometime most of us submit our light to others opinions be it in verbal or written form. Maybe we are in the wrong place, situation or relationship or we have remained in a place, situation or relationship past the expiration date and things have gone sour.

THIS IS A REMINDER that your Light is always within you, you just have to remember. Remember your gift, your light. Find a way to share your gift, your light. Doing so may require change and it may be uncomfortable, however the authenticity of shining your light to the world, including yourself and the ability it will have to help at least one other person, also including yourself, is worth it.

Resolve to fire up your light and shine bright. Live your Light. Be the Light.