dreamstime_2515142-heavenlyAs I was saying, I experienced incredible peace in the meditation center and wanted more of that in my life. So where did I go after that you ask? Barnes and Noble. Straight to the section designated to Meditation. OMG how many books. It was a tad bit overwhelming for someone new to meditation. The book that finally caught my eye…and you will love this…The Idiots Guide to Meditation. I love Love LOVE this book. I felt a sense of peace just opening it up and reading. The great thing about The Idiots Guide to Meditation is it offers a lot of unbiased information. I received a basic understanding about everything from chakras to mudras to sitting vs. lying down during meditation and everything in between.

From the information in the book I went through different types of meditation to see what worked best for me. Believe me, there is a meditation style appropriate for each person that will transport them to nirvana or at least widen the gap between thoughts so Spirit/Internal Voice can be heard. It could be as simple as focusing on your breath, reciting a mantra, listening to a guided meditation, visualization, chanting or a physical/moving meditation such as yoga or tai chi.

I picked a time or two in the day that I could consistently sit without being disturbed. I made an area for meditation so that when I came to that space and the more often I came to that space the more quickly I would drop into a meditative state. I made it pretty with flowers, shells, pictures of loved ones, crystals…some might call it an alter (I do). I light a white candle and burn incense. These are all external things but they help to set the mood and intention for creating a sacred space, getting quiet and going inward.

I then sit, with or without sound wave music. I usually start by saying a mantra such as “I am Love” or “I am Source” (as we are Spirit having a human experience). I say one word on the inhale and the next on the exhale, repeat. I may visualize being filled with light or just see light emanating from my heart. Sometimes I drift away to that space between thoughts, sometimes I am riddled with monkey mind (thinking of everything else I need to do). And its all OK. Meditation is a practice. The more you do it the more easy it becomes to drop down into the quiet space where peace and guidance are waiting.

Walk Good,