IMG_20130922_180532_228Meditation has been one of the most if not the most transformative practices of my life. The personal benefits being:

• Much calmer
• Control of anxiety
• Clear thinking and focused
• Manage stress much better
• Look much younger than my age
• Increased happiness
• Increased self-awareness
• Low blood pressure
• Deeper relationship with Spirit
• Increased synchronicity in my life
• Psychic gifts opening up (Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Claircognizance. Clairaudience)

For me, the biggest benefit, aside from relieving anxiety, has been the strengthening of my connection and relationship to Spirit and the opening up of my psychic gifts (which we all have btw). Because I started to take the time to be still, my Inner Voice was able to express itself and be heard more clearly. For example while minding my own business meditating I would see a picture. It would be something I totally would not normally be thinking about at all. I would then Google “the spiritual meaning or metaphysical meaning of _____” and what I would find is the answer or clue to some issue I was currently dealing with. Once Spirit knew I was paying attention and acting on what was being given more information came through. I soon started seeing what I like to call movie trailers during meditation. Now we had action, things moving, animals, people, etc. Again I would look them up and it would be more information.

The enhancing of my psychic abilities became evident when I didn’t have to be meditating to receive information. I would occasionally hear a voice clearly as if someone was standing right next to me. Example, I’m meeting a guy I met online for a first date. Before seeing him I asked to be protected and please let me know if this was “ The One”. I got out of my car and walk up to the movie theatre where we decided to meet. When he arrived we went to stand in line. Clear as day, as if someone was standing on my left I heard “He’s not it”. I literally turned to see who was talking to me. No physical person was closer than 10 feet. At that moment I completely relaxed and enjoyed the evening and didn’t look to make any more of it than it was.

Another time I felt the physical sensation of tightening in the center of my chest. Like someone was squeezing my heart (not super hard, but enough to draw my attention) accompanied with feeling anxious. Later in the day I spoke with a friend who told me she was worried/anxious about some things going on. On another occasion during an energy healing session felt gurgling in my stomach when sending energy to the recipient. I also clairvoyantly saw a bright area in the recipients body. I tell them it seemed like something was going on there, something good. Turns out they were pregnant.

I received so many benefits from meditation that it seemed natural to begin to facilitate guided mediations to help others. Stay tuned….

Walk Good,