paradiseI experienced such amazing benefits from meditation I wanted to expose others to the blessings. I began facilitating guided meditation in a metaphysical gift store close to where I lived. My normal practice is to start by setting the intention that the space and everyone in it is protected and that everyone would receive during meditation what they needed at that time. The experiences were always different. Each individual would encounter something different from their neighbor and also they would experience something different week to week.

Some folks would fall asleep. What I learned about when this happens is that the meditation more easily bypasses the conscious thinking mind and goes directly to the subconscious mind, which is always alert and functioning. I discovered this from a woman who had attended one of my first meditations. We can call her Ann. Ann never meditated prior to this session. She didn’t have any experience that she recalled during the guided meditation, except drifting off to sleep. Quite frankly she seemed a bit annoyed at only drifting off when other people were sharing some pretty cool things in the post meditation discussion.

I didn’t see Ann for maybe another two weeks. But when I did…Wow! I ran into her again in the metaphysical shop and she walked up to me and hugged me. Ann went on to say that since that evening her life has completely turned around. That night when she went home she had a very vivid dream with lots of information and a visit from a relative that had passed. It was like the lights went on. In the two weeks since she found a new job, quit her old one and concluded a relationship that had run its course. All because of the information she received in a dream she had after her first time meditating. The topic of that guided meditation was “Healing and Release”.

In the years that I have had personal meditation practice and also in facilitating meditation there have been intense experiences, however, never bad ones.

More on that next time.
Namaste ,