reikiI continued to expand my metaphysical experience by learning about energy healing and being attuned as a Reiki Master. I then began facilitating meditation at a Metaphysical school. I facilitated regular guided meditation but also began to include the Reiki Healing Attunement in with other guided meditation sessions. This helped to deepen the effect of the meditation.

In one instance the guided meditation was about Universal Healing Light. Three people attended, one of which was ill, we’ll call her Mary. I didn’t know what the issue was nor did I ask. As is my norm, began the session by setting the intention for the space and attendees of peace, protection and that each person receives what they need. I gave each person the Reiki healing attunement before beginning the guided meditation. Half way through the guided meditation I saw the right arm and left hand of an attendee, let’s say Lisa, glowing green. A little while later Mary was in acute pain. The third attendee, Clair, happened to be a nurse and also Reiki healer. Clair talked to Mary, took her vitals and calmed her. Lisa as it turns out was a reiki healer as well. We all worked on Mary sending her energy. The pain subsided almost as quickly as it came on and Mary told us she felt better than when she came in. (BTW, that is known as a release. In case you are wondering…it is not always that intense)

After the meditation everyone shared their experience. Although Mary’s was the most intense everyone experienced something. Lisa also shared with me that she received the guidance that the reason I saw her arm and hands as glowing green was to let me know that Arch Angel Raphael was present. How cool is that.

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