Thank youYears ago Oprah, my shero, in one of her Remembering Your Spirit segments brought up the suggestion of keeping a gratitude journal. Each day, at whatever time was good for you, you were to write at least five things for which you were grateful. To get started you may have wanted to write you were grateful for waking up then move on to other things. It could be gratitude for anything, daffodils, vision, good workout, maybe a not so good workout but at least you showed up that day. Being the journal/diary person that I am I jumped right in. Initially it was a little awkward. I mean how many times can you say waking up, mom and dad, a working car, health and it still mean as much as the first time. So the gratitude journal fell by the wayside to be picked up here and there of the years.

That is until the last year and a half. I have come to realize that when you are going through challenging times starting your day with stating what you are grateful for helps to shift your focus and thus your energy/vibration to a higher more positive state. Regardless of your vibrational (mood) starting point, beginning your day with just five heartfelt things you are grateful for moves you to a better feeling place. Whether it is from depression to anger (which yes is a positive move because anger has energy behind it and if when used constructively will motivate you to act to better your circumstance) or from anticipation to sheer joy, a sense of true gratitude will lift you higher. As you resonate at higher vibration it is easier to attract more to be grateful for into your life.

Asking my son what he is grateful for is part of our morning routine. If you take the time to really think about it there is plenty for which to have gratitude and appreciation. As with any practice the more you do it the easier it becomes because you will be working from a new and more positive energy set point attracting a plethora of positive experiences.

One Love,