family treeYesterday there was a flash flood in the area were my parents live. Where my job is, which is only 15 miles away, had blue skies and puffy white clouds so I had no idea. My mom called to say it was raining. “Alrighty….” I left work around 4pm heading to an appt thinking I would be early. The highway I took had other plans. I saw so many emergency vehicles going past my car (which was essentially parked on a major highway) during my 2.75hrs duration on the highway that I thought there was a major accident. My mom called again saying don’t stop by this evening. “OK.” Turns out the rain my mom called to tell me about was a torrential down pour that caused flash flooding.

This morning I stopped at my parents to drop off my son. You could easily see where the water reached in the front yard and there was still water in the backyard. They had gotten water in the basement also. My parents at age 87 and 82 handled it. Without help from me, my son or anyone else…they handled it. As they always do. It got me to thinking and appreciating the lineage and stock from which I come.

My folks came here from another country and created lives for themselves. They have dealt with segregation, prejudice, and for lack of a better word other bullshit to create better lives for themselves and the next generations. Same with my grandparents, of which I only knew one. My grandmother was a school teacher. Miss Vic, as she was called, after the death of her husband in the line of duty, raised 5 kids on her own who all grew up to have careers that gave back to society. My Great Uncle George came to this country, bought land and he and his wife built their home despite the racial climate at the time.

This is the lineage from which I come. This is the strength that is in my DNA. I have dealt with bullshit in different areas of my life. And it had worn me down so much I started to believe the bullshit, the matrix that keeps you chained to self judgment, lack of esteem, little belief in your abilities, robs you of/or you surrender your power as well as courage and dreams. In exchange for these valuable commodities you receive the façade of stability, permanence and security.

Seeing my parents today has reminded me that I am MUCH stronger than I think I am, not to mention smarter. And Lord knows smarter than those around me may believe. I draw from the Collective; from my lineage all the strength and information I will need to accomplish my purpose. I feel my grandmother and great uncle around me encouraging me and pushing me forward to accomplish my dreams and realize my goals. I hear my grandmother….”CHA MON, YOU DON’T KNOW HOW STRONG YOU ARE. YOU HAVEN’T EVEN BEGUN TO TAP INTO YOUR STRENT’”.

Walk Good,