circlesPeople will either detract, distract, drain and/or hinder the advancement you are attempting to make in your life or they will help, nurture, and encourage you to grow. It is up to you to discern who you should have in your Inner Circle.

 When you are pursuing goals, life changes and reaching for the stars it is imperative to have people in your Inner Circle (I.C.) who can see past were you are to where you are aiming and encourage/support you in your endeavor. It is also important that these relationships be mutually supportive. You will notice a huge difference in your energy, performance and ability to reach goals your when you are in the company of the right people.

Recently I have met people who are entrepreneurs, have set goals regarding their business, have the drive to attain their goals and are taking action steps (large or small) outside their comfort zone to realize their goals. Being in such company has helped me to push myself to do new things regarding my business. I am moving out of my comfort zone, addressing fears of being in business for myself, making myself and my business more visible in social media, finding other options to facilitate classes when a physical place is not available. This growth spurt has transpired and been inspired in the last 6 weeks from being surrounded by folks who have similar missions and are willing to share and exchange information that has worked for them.

 As important as it is to associate with the right group for motivation it is important to identify any energy drains. People who are not only pulling your focus, energy and time (two hot commodities you don’t get back) away from accomplishing your goals but also everyone else in the group. This also includes people who do not contribute to the growth of others.

 In conclusion when looking at your I.C. consider the following:

  • Can the person see beyond where you are currently or where you have been to where you are going?
  • Do you trust them to be honest with you even if it stings to help you improve?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Is there mutual respect between you?
  • Is there mutual give and receive of support, energy, etc?
  • Do they support your goals, aspirations?
  • Do they respect your boundaries?
  • Is it a synergistic relationship?

 Decide what you want in your life and DETOX.

 Walk good,