Beyond Wildest Dreams Empowerment Group – Protecting Your Energy, Sunday 1pm, $20/mt,

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This group is for those ready to move forward on their goals and create lives for themselves that are beyond their wildest dreams.  This is a group where each session builds on the prior session, however, you can jump in when you are ready.

Session 7 we will:
– What is being Empathic or Cliarsentient
– Energy Vampires vs Sending an Invitation
– Mindset/Law of Attraction/matching vibration
– Clearing your Energetic Bodies/Sealing and protecting
– Talismans,Crystals, etc

* Please arrive 15min early so we may begin on time. Also pleasebring a notebook, pen and open mind*

Over the course of these meetups we will utilize several tools including, affirmations, meditation, energy work, intuition, gratitude and action steps to help you manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.  We will employ exercises and processes to help you shift your thought process, raise your vibration, soften resistance thus allowing the Universe to deliver to you what you desire.

Price: $20 per session
Date: Sunday, March 30th
Time: 1-3pm
Place:Westfield Library
550 East Broad St.
Westfield, NJ