Meditation and Reiki – Helping Others (pt 2)

reikiI continued to expand my metaphysical experience by learning about energy healing and being attuned as a Reiki Master. I then began facilitating meditation at a Metaphysical school. I facilitated regular guided meditation but also began to include the Reiki Healing Attunement in with other guided meditation sessions. This helped to deepen the effect of the meditation. Continue reading

Meditation – Helping Others (pt1)

paradiseI experienced such amazing benefits from meditation I wanted to expose others to the blessings. I began facilitating guided meditation in a metaphysical gift store close to where I lived. My normal practice is to start by setting the intention that the space and everyone in it is protected and that everyone would receive during meditation what they needed at that time. Continue reading

My Journey in Meditation (Pt2)

dreamstime_2515142-heavenlyAs I was saying, I experienced incredible peace in the meditation center and wanted more of that in my life. So where did I go after that you ask? Barnes and Noble. Straight to the section designated to Meditation. OMG how many books. It was a tad bit overwhelming for someone new to meditation. The book that finally caught my eye…and you will love this…The Idiots Guide to Meditation. I love Love LOVE this book. Continue reading